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Vices "New Breed"


From the humid heartland of Jacksonville, Florida hale VICES - a quartet of long-hairs (save for vocalist Dan Strickland) playing the "hardcore blues". Making a mash liquor comprised of languid swamp vibes, bluesy guitar solos, and drunken mid-tempo waltzes, Vices bottle their potent moonshine and package it as the best goddamn hardcore blues you ever done heard.

Best described by The A.V. Club, who called Vices debut LP "what Fucked Up might sound like if the band had been born and bred in the Deep South instead of chilly Canada", the foursome breathe new life into the broad hardcore genre. An avid touring band, Vices have released a record that truly lives up to it's name. They'll be coming soon to a town near you, bringing along with them a New Breed of hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. The Sabbath
02. New Breed
03. That's Life
04. (Instrumental)
05. Slum Wolves
06. Devil's Advocate
07. No One Rules
08. Wasteland
09. 131
10. Swan Song