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Fissure "Self Titled"


Contrary to the band's name, FISSURE flawlessly couples ferociously fast riffs with mid-tempo heaviness, marrying the core components of "power-violence" to create a wall of sound that is both powerful and violent. Raw, aggressive punk music played with all the snarl, spit, piss and vinegar of the genre's reigning champions, it's no surprise that the Orange County, CA quartet have shared the stage with such acts as Infest, Capitalist Casualties, ACxDC, Despise You, etc.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Junkie's Day Off
02. Left-Footed
03. Gary Busey for President of the Moon
04. Untitled
05. Hey, Bro, You Like Attack Attack!?
06. I Want All Our Songs to be About Rims
07. I Used to Cut Myself to Dashboard Confessional
08. G.I.M.P