Nomads / Treacherouskin "Violent Fucking World" - Deathwish Inc

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Nomads / Treacherouskin "Violent Fucking World"

Searing crust punk thrashers, NOMADS, melt the wax with head-banging, metal/hardcore crossovers, TREACHEROUSKIN on "Violent Fucking World". With both bands featuring hardcore veterans from Minority Unit, Sleepwalkers, and Spitting Teeth, this split makes for the most abrasive 45rpms of the year. Both bands offer up their own interpretation of aggressive, violent hardcore, and with inmate meticulousness, carefully manipulate it into a blunt force instrument. In other words, this is the vinyl-shiv to end them all. Prepare to be stabbed with finesse comparable to Nails, or Dead in the Dirt, or Entombed. It is a violent fucking world, after all.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Swine Flu - Nomads
02. Viking Funeral - Nomads
03. Thank God - Nomads
04. Bullshit Propaganda - Nomads
05. Father Of Lies - Treacherouskin
06. Oblitus - Treacherouskin