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Canyons / Tigon / Foreign Theaters "Split"

From the hot-boxed catacombs of mathcore-meets-stoner-metal, comes the heaviest 3-way split this year from Missouri's Canyons and Foreign Theaters, and the Bay Area's Tigon. Sharing influences that range from Coalesce and Kylesa to Black Sabbath and The Melvins, these three "math-sludge" virtuosos deliver a formidable testament to how grimey, raw, and technical the recesses of hardcore can go.

Although all three bands wrote and recorded the record independently of each other, "Can't Have Nothin' Nice" shares a common theme of the flaws of the human-condition, and calls for a serious self-evaluation through rigorous (and often ruthless) introspection.

For fans of Coalesce, Engineer, The Jesus Lizard, Botch, and brutality.