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Merauder "Master Killer"


Merauder's 1995 debut LP is finally back in print with special liner notes from Terror's Scott Vogel. Imported from Germany. Limited edition of 200 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

Influental Brooklyn, New York Hardcore Metal band formed in 1990, establishing itself on the eastern U.S. hardcore-metal scene through frequent touring and a few demo releases. 

Initially a pure NY Hardcore band, their sound slowly evolved to include a more "metal" leaning, and eventually a crossover / metalcore sound. 
All Merauder LPs were remastered from Nicolas Declève (Skarhead, Nasty, Leeway, Boxcutter...) and with Linernotes from Scott Vogel (Terror) on Master Killer. 

The soundtrack of pure Anger, a NYHC milestone. One of the greatest Hardcore bands ever came out of NYC!

Track Listing: 
01. Time Ends
02. Life Is Pain
03. Mirror Shows Black
04. Master Killer
05. Downfall Of Christ
06. Dead End Path
07. Take By Force
08. Fear Of Sin
09. Besiege The Masses
10. Crossfire