Memory Loss "Blackout" - Deathwish Inc

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Memory Loss "Blackout"


First vinyl offering from MEMORY LOSS, one of Richmond’s newest and most exciting hardcore punk acts. On “Blackout” you get four songs that mine from the golden era of early 80s hardcore punk and 90s-era noise rock but with a very unique and individual take. Each song is the equivalent of a dark path we’ve all been down, but never talked or written about. Fear not though, MEMORY LOSS is there to speak for you. They’ve placed their finger right on the pulse of just how difficult it is to live in the age of anxiety and dread. If you like your punk with a general feeling of despair and disillusionment, look no further.

Track Listing: 
01. Wild 
02. Jailed 
03. Nothin But Trouble 
04. Blackout