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Iron Lung


Iron Lung "White Glove Test"


Slushat' comrades! White Glove Test is IRON LUNG's third studio album and follow-up to 2007's wildly successful Sexless//No Sex. What started out being the "slow industrial" concept album and pointedly left-field endeavor turned into a frantically paranoid and claustrophobic power-violence masterpiece complete with water tight stop/start compositions leading the way to crushing sludge bits intermingled with blistering hardcore pummel. It's what adults of the Cold War era would refer to as "your typical kill-your-mother-kill-your-father type stuff".

The best FEEDING artwork to date adorns a heavy duty gatefold sleeve and high quality black vinyl. It also comes with a digital download that contains the music album, a companion noise album and a combination of the two for a total of three separate but equal annihilations.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Pain Directive
02. Heirs To The Prize
03. Non-Contact Visit
04. II
05. Absurdity
06. Hidden Task
07. Brutal Supremacy I
08. Brutal Supremacy II
09. Brutal Supremacy III
10. Plasma Separatist
11. Stress Test
12. Monolith
13. Reductive Living
14. Efficiency Expert
15. White Glove Test
16. Deep Brain Stimulation Device
17. Nothing
18. Industry Endings