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Life Long Tragedy "Runaways"

With a live energy and drive that was second to none, Life Long Tragedy were one the best California hardcore bands of their day. Their approach was both musically melodic and brutal, fusing the heart of their influences (Unbroken, Modern Life Is War) and the rage of present day life.

"Runaways" captured the raw beauty that wept from the core of Life Long Tragedy. Songs like "The Bottomless Hole" and "Hey Death" showcased growth, finding confidence in slower tempos. While "Youth" and "Ignoring Lessons" have the rebellious energy that Life Long Tragedy have been known for.Β 

Track Listing:
01. Call It A Day
02. Collecting Dust
03. Hey Death
04. Andromeda
05. Harm
06. Ignoring Lessons
07. Masquerade
08. The Bottomless Hole
09. Sweet Innocence
10. Youth
11. Liars
12. Runaways

First Press:
300 - Cream/Red mix
700 - Cream/Black mix
1000 - Cream w/ Black splatter