Leopard Print Taser "Teeth Are Not Bones" - Deathwish Inc

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Tor Johnson


Leopard Print Taser "Teeth Are Not Bones"


A lifelong interest in fellow badass womyn and the D.I.Y. scene fueled local style icon Shannon Donahue’s obsession with starting a band. With just a bass guitar and unwavering determination she enlisted the help of local hardcore and metal veteran, Nick Wolf. Wolf offered up his skills in songwriting , sweet-ass guitar licks, and unbridled enthusiasm for potato shaped dogs. After a night of playful blood sacrifice under a full moon, Reid Calkin (drummer, suspected demon) appeared suddenly to join the project. Finally, Leila Bower (vocalist, lyricist, village idiot) joined after being promised 100% royalties on all bobblehead merchandise. Thus, Leopard Print Taser was formed. Influenced by punk groups like The Wipers, Royal Headache, and Bikini Kill as well as noisier outfits such as Polvo and Sonic Youth, LPT’s songs walk the line between chaos and beauty. Following the traction gained through a flurry of electric live performances around the northeast and a self released demo tape, their first EP, “Teeth Are Not Bones,” displays a level of expertise rare from a band just over a year old. Expect big things to come because Leopard Print Taser shows no signs of slowing down.

Track Listing: 
01. Close Enough
02. Things You Do
03. Pushed
04. Picnic