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Persistent Vision


Lágrimas / Habak "Split"

  • Based in Los Angeles and Tijuana respectively, Lágrimas and Habak come together for a split LP of unbridled raw energy, celebrating friendship and a shared love for the DIY hardcore community. The perfectly paired music of Lágrimas and Habak each draw from their unique blends of epic, melodic crust, hardcore and screamo, segued with drawn-out, post-metal passages. Spanning six tracks, each deliver dark, emotionally charged songs that touch on social injustice, liberation, and personal experiences navigating life on the fringes of society.

    Coming on the heels of countless DIY fest appearances and relentless touring throughout the west coast and southwest over the past few years, this is the latest in a collection of independent, well-received releases from the two up and coming bands.

    Track Listing:
    01. Mandatory Overtime (Lágrimas)
    02. Illusions of Success (Lágrimas)
    03. No Resources (Lágrimas)
    04. I Can’t Afford It (Lágrimas)
    05. Infinitas Noches de Vigilia (Habak)
    06. En La Huelga de los Acontecimientos (Habak)