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The Native Sound


Koji "Spring Song, Vol.1"

Back in 2010, Pennsylvania native and DIY mainstay, Koji released his first recordings on Run For Cover Records. A collection of 10 live songs recorded in living rooms, basements, and punk houses across the East Coast, Spring Song, Vol. 1 is a document of Koji's early years. Touring alone in his parents mini-van with nothing but an acoustic guitar, Koji built a following among DIY and activist communities, in public spaces, VFW Halls, and American Legions around the country.

Emotionally charged, delicate, full, folky and undoubtedly punk, Spring Song, Vol. 1 taps into an urgency that's both uplifting and uniquely poignant.

Pressed on vinyl for the first time ever, the record is strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 300 copies spread over two variants – half translucent green / black, limited to 100 copies, and a solid translucent green, limited to 200 copies.

Track Listing: 
01. Eating Lemons
02. Monsters & Stay
03. Most Of Everything
04. Color Quiet Loud
05. Like We Do
06. To The Dogs
07. Little Bird
08. Minute 7
09. Wagon Wheel
10. Spring Song