Kidnapped "Collected Works" - Deathwish Inc

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Kidnapped "Collected Works"

Track Listing: 
01. Obnoxious (Connecticut Powerviolence)
02. It's Always The Same (Connecticut Powerviolence)
03. Traits (Connecticut Powerviolence)
04. Justin's Song (Connecticut Powerviolence)
05. Thanks For Coming Out, We Have Two Songs Left (Lame) (Connecticut Powerviolence)
06. Stagnation (Connecticut Powerviolence)
07. Behind This Tongue (Connecticut Powerviolence)
Written By – Infest
08. Break The Chain (Connecticut Powerviolence)
Written By – Infest
09. Lobotomy (Connecticut Powerviolence)
10. Asphyxiant (Connecticut Powerviolence)
11. Shit Tier Kinda Guy (Hungry)
12. Bred For Labor (Hungry)
13. It's About Prosperity (Hungry)
14. Life's A Simulation (Hungry)
15. HITAB (Hungry)
16. Raviolis (Hungry)
17. Vigor (Hungry)
Written By – Crossed Out
18. Ulcer (Hungry)
19. Sadistic DJ Sets Dancer On Fire (Crunch CS)
20. Durry (Crunch CS)
21. Just Listen To Diana Ross (Crunch CS)
22. Scibelli Mondays (Crunch CS)
23. Leave Me To The Corn, Boys (Crunch CS)
24. Rico's Cig Money (Crunch CS)
25. There's Nothing (Crunch CS)
26. If Another Porn Bot Hacks My Shit Again It's War Motherfucker (Crunch CS)
27. Catch And Kill (Kidnapped)
28. Song 2 By Blur (Kidnapped)
29. Tried To Embrace You, Hung Your Flesh On My Wall Instead (Kidnapped)
30. Suboxone Queen (Kidnapped)
31. Fertilize (Kidnapped)
32. Predator (Kidnapped)
33. Mother's Day (Kidnapped)
34. Terminally Gutfucked (Kidnapped)
35. Bob's Trashcan (Kidnapped)
36. Cellar (Kidnapped)
37. Next Door (Kidnapped)
38. Orchards (Kidnapped)
39. Bloody Again (Kidnapped)
40. Direct Deposit (Kidnapped)
41. Will You (Demo)
42. Ingrate (Demo)
43. Leech (Demo)
44. Cold Steel Versus My Temporal Lobe (Demo)
45. Picked Apart (Demo)
46. Untitled-Fuming Mouth (Demo)
47. Decide (Demo)
48. THTOP (Demo)