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Mind Over Matter


Juniper Youth "Full Sun"


"The roots of Juniper Youth, a power trio out of Boston, Massachusetts, dig deep into the past to unearth a taste of the future. Shaped by family blood, lifelong friendships and inspirations ranging from J-Dilla to Deftones, JY delivers its signature doom-pop with a thuggish rhythm section, celestial guitar work and impassioned, tear-out-your-heart vocals. Don’t think of it as a cure for your attitude problem, rather The Cure with an attitude problem." - Andrew Bishop

Juniper Youth features 3 members of Irepress (vocalist Jarrett Ring and brothers Shan and Sheel Davé on guitar and drums respectively), carving out new territory outside of the post rock universe that they helped to shape and influence. Taking this on, they've used the same off-kilter, super slick rhythm section and combined it with powerful rock vocals.

For their debut single, Mind Over Matter Records wanted to create a limited edition 7" package that highlights Full Sun on the A-side in all its glory and for the B-side they've got a vinyl-only instrumental version! Undoubtedly, some fans of Irepress will be eager to hear some post-rock/post-metal, but this instrumental version is more like post-cinematic-arena-rock.

Track Listing:
01. Full Sun
02. Full Sun (Instrumental)