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Judge "Bringin' It Down"


To most fans of hardcore, Judge is a band that needs no introduction. The band took the ideals and positive goals of Youth Of Today and infused them with beefy guitar licks, introspective lyrics and a hefty influx of New York style. This 25th anniversary version of "Bringin' It Down" is limited to 1,000, pressed on colored vinyl, packaged in an embossed LP jacket with printed Judge hammers on its interior as well as the original gatefold insert, and has been out of print for more than a decade.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Take Me Away
02. Bringin' It Down
03. Hold Me Back
04. Give It Up
05. The Storm
06. Hear Me
07. Like You
08. I've Lost...
09. Where It Went