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Joliette "El Alphabiotista"


Joliette from Puebla, Mexico describes their music as " post-everything " with intricate compositions that bring together influences from post-hardcore, metal, math rock, and other subgenres of punk, in a way that balances fierceness with delicacy. The band members commitment towards the band is reflected in both their relentless touring schedule and their hectic and passionate live show.

The band's sound has evolved from their first two EPs, Becoming Water (2011) and They Turn / They're Happy (2013), which helped them to grow to a solid fanbase, through their impressive debut LP Principia (2013), to their hardest release yet , Atáxico (2016), a record that conveys a more aggressive sound and outspoken lyrics that deal with anger and frustration. The band is currently promoting the live split with Frameworks (Deathwish Inc) by Light & Noise Records released in 2018, which has been on cassette and digital formats. A new EP called "El Alphabiotista" is coming out digitally on May 31 and on 7" vinyl via Epidemic Records.

Track Listing: 
01. El Alphabiotista
02. Dolor de Marinero En La Costa del Vesubio