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Tape Rec "Death Friends"


Tape Rec hails from Rio in Brasil and I got really lucky a while ago to get a random email list message from Le Almeida's label Transfusao Noise (Very worth checking out), and hearing Tape Rec was like a perfect trip back to raw 90's grunge/indie/punk. This record really just has all the influences that a kid getting into music in the 90's would want - it's got the raw stripped down lo-fi sound that bands like The Breeders and Butterglory do, with occasional noised out mania of Sonic Youth or Pixies. The vocals are pure sugary gold, and even come with the occasional Screeching Weasel style guitar lead. Seriously, this is just the catchiest, most infectious stuff with a perfect raw production - no polish here at all - perfect grunge pop for this punk heart!!! If you dig this one, definitely check out Le's other bands - all of which are in this genre and rule.

Track Listing:
01. Death Friends
02. Bre
03. Lastimavel
04. Yo Frat
05. Mantra/Anagarma
06. Impro Paz
07. Funeral