Hundreds of AU "A Briefing On The Human Condition" - Deathwish Inc

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Hundreds of AU "A Briefing On The Human Condition"


Coupling impassioned, melodic crescendos and progressive, technical screamo hardcore, Hundreds of Au are back again with another album of pure energy.

The band has become known for its razor-sharp playing, waves of chaotic sound, and emotional exposure. Moments of desperation and catharsis are woven into the varying layers of these intricate, yet propulsive tracks, all anchored by the stellar musicianship. Each record in their growing catalog is an event, and "A Briefing..." is certainly nothing short of another momentous occasion.

Featuring ex and current members of You and I, Working Through Rust, Hell Mary, The Assistant, Capacities, Estella, Lesser Minds, and more!

Track Listing:
01. 100 Year Test
02. Objective Party
03. Afloat
04. Ancestor Reality
05. Return