Hollow Earth "Parting Remains" - Deathwish Inc

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Good Fight


Hollow Earth "Parting Remains"


PROLOGUE: As the sun sets upon the barren remains of a desolate wasteland, a world of human creation scarcely devoid of the natural life that once thrived, the last of the elite board their flight to escape recompense in search of salvation among the stars. Meanwhile, the disparaged and huddled masses desperately attempt to scale massive chain link barriers and concrete walls with delusional hopes of staving off a legion of armed soldiers to either board the spacecraft themselves, or at the very least sabotage its departure. They know all too well that being left behind is akin to being left to wither and wilt like the green and vibrant flora that once covered the Earth's surface. Suddenly, in the midst of unmitigated chaos a quiet calm sweeps across the entire faction as a blinding orange glow cuts through layers of gray smog, like a beacon signaling the end of all hope. The deafening roar of twelve solid rocket boosters igniting and pushing back against the earth immediately follows, launching the massive SCAB into the air with incomprehensible force. The heat from the blast was paralyzing, leaving the air as thick as lead, which only added to the weight of sorrow and depravity felt by all in that moment. As the massive cloud of exhaust begins to settle, all eyes are fixed on the vessel as it soars through the atmosphere until it quickly becomes nothing more than a dimly flashing speck of light, amidst a vast expanse of grey and black that stretched across every horizon. The very people who once delegated the total depletion of every natural resource and inflicted biological warfare upon the entire planet's population, have now fled; leaving both the earth and its inhabitants utterly ravaged. This was the final extraction. Those who remained with their feet firmly planted in the ash laden soil knew, this was their end.

Track Listing: 
01. No Equilibrium 
02. Beyond Celestial Limits 
03. Terminal Vestige