Hollow Earth "Dead Planet" - Deathwish Inc

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Good Fight


Hollow Earth "Dead Planet"


He looked to the panel above the window of the cockpit and consecutively flipped three black switches while his partner simultaneously thumbed the glowing red button to the right of the center control panel. Moments later the force of acceleration pushed them deeper into their seats as they exited through the underbelly of Odyssia. With the Thousand Year Drift behind them, the looming metropolis that now dominated their view was the center of their universe as they knew it, humanity’s testament to survival beyond planetary living. While not a flaming ball of swirling gasses, their world as a star in its own right: an enduring light against a sea of black, a beacon that always called them home. Their craft slowed to what felt like a stop as they approached a large silver sphere, suspended in the aether. “Requesting permission to enter The Fault…”

Track Listing: 
01. Void I: Thousand Year Drift
02. Astral Dominion 
03. The Harbinger Of Existence
04. Setting Teeth
05. Revolutions In Refracted Light
06. From Empyrean To Damnation 
07. Void II: Terran Descent 
08. Of Steel And Stone 
09. Convergence In Recollection 
10. Void III: Unresting Death 
11. To An Earth Abandoned