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Innumerable Forms / Blessed Offal "Split"

After a wait that seemed to stretch aeons, we are proud to offer this split slab of "Godly Sick" Death Metal to you via the Hell Massacre label. Innumerable Forms return with their vision of frozen misery, now fully realized in the tradition of early Disgrace and Demigod, presented with the heaviest Paincave recording to date. Blessed Offal in turn, bring four songs, recorded between their masterful CD and 12" E.P., with a more direct approach to their filth-caked mix of classic Incantation and Morbid Angel stench.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Innumerable Forms - Catacombs Beneath The Frozen Sea (Intro)
02. Innumerable Forms - Frozen To Death
03. Innumerable Forms - Hopeless Distance (Impoverished)
04. Innumerable Forms - Winter (Amebix Cover)
05. Blessed Offal - Beneath The Sewer
06. Blessed Offal - Exsanguination
07. Blessed Offal - Pharmakinetic Subjugation
08. Blessed Offal - Blood From The Womb