High On Fire "Luminiferous" - Deathwish Inc

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High On Fire


High On Fire "Luminiferous"


Luminiferous: A nine-track venture into those signature sky-shredding riffs of Matt Pike, pummeling bass work of Jeff Matz, and hellish gallop of Des Kensel, Luminiferous is the unequivocal culmination of the band’s characteristically unhinged yet entirely focused savagery. Make no mistake, though. This is not some casual revisit to formula for the Oakland-based trio. Building on those tendencies of its last two predecessors, Lumifierous finds Pike at his most vocally daring yet, infusing the explosiveness of sound with his melodic but no less scorched vocal stylizations.

Track Listing:
01. The Black Plot
02. Carcosa
03. The Sunless Years
04. Slave The Hive
05. The Falconist
06. The Dark Side Of The Compass
07. The Cave
08. Luminiferous
09. The Lethal Chamber