Old Man Gloom "Meditations In B (2015 Remaster)" - Deathwish Inc

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Old Man Gloom "Meditations In B (2015 Remaster)"


Meditations in B. A simpler time. Like Pepperidge Farms, and Little House on the Prairie. Two beautiful young men (Aaron Turner and Santos Montano) set off on their own, in the peak of their sexual virility, to forge a new path in brutally sludgy, crushing, apocalyptic, post-metal, post-hardcore, pre-Y2K, post-math, pre-friendster, post-rock riffs. It was a magical time, before they added a few "session players." Still regarded by some (mostly the guys who played on it) as Old Man Gloom's finest hour.

Fun fact: Meditations in B was written in one afternoon, then recorded AND mixed in 12 hours! While many things in this text are only kinda true, that is absolutely true. They also had the privilege of recording it in their home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico at Stepbridge Studios. Within months of this, they used this monumental piece of music to convince Nate Newton (Converge) to join, and once they had him, it was a little easier to convince Caleb Scofield (Cave In) to join. It's kinda like the beginning of Bill and Ted, where the talk about getting Eddie Van Halen to join, but won't be good until he joins, but can't get good รฏtil he joins, to convince him to join. Get it? Fantastic.

Track Listing:ย 
01. Afraid Of
02. Flood I
03. Simian Alien Technology: Message Received
04. Sonic Wave of Bees
05. Sonar Enlightenment Program
06. Rotten Primate
07. The Exploder Whale
08. Poisoner
09. An Evening at the Gentleman's Club for Apes
10. Vipers
11. Test Result: Alien Ape Distress Signal
12. Flood II
13. Resolving the De-Evolution Conflict