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Heroin "Discography"


One of the vanguards of the 90’s underground, punk/hardcore community, San Diego’s Heroin released their first 7” in 1991 before disbanding in 1993. In that short time, the band went on to influence countless post-hardcore and screamo bands of that era and even today. Heroin’s first 7” also marked the first release for the legendary independent label Gravity Records, which was central in developing and promoting the “San Diego sound” and also branched out into other forms of experimental music across their extensive catalog.

The Heroin discography contains all of the band’s out-of-print 7”s and 12”s, compilation tracks, as well as the session the band recorded at the infamous Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC, and never-before-heard unreleased songs. A double LP Gatefold “tip on” jacket is beautifully packaged with a special zine with tons of photos and liner notes by Sonny Kay.

Track Listing:
01. Meaning Less
02. A Portion
03. The Obvious
04. We Can Never Know
05. In General
06. Moving Parts
07. Another
08. Leave
09. Wander
10. Blind
11. With No Name
12. Head Cold
13. Undertaking
14. Indecision
15. This Time
16. Never Ever
17. Has Been
18. Ive Got Mine
19. Cost
20. Wander (Wrecking Ball Studio Outtakes 10/90)
21. Things Change
22. Comes To Mind
23. How Could I
24. Compelled
25. This Time (Double Time Studious Outtake 08/91)
26. A Portion (Double Time Studious Outtake 08/91)
27. Undertaking (Double Time Studious Outtake 08/91)
28. Has Been (Inner Ear Studios Version 1992)
29. Destination
30. Second Coming