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Get This Right


CDC "End"


Southeastern, Pennsylvania's CDC is ready to distribute their latest batch of beatdown anthems through the assault of End this Tuesday, February 17th via Get This Right Records and Beatdown Hardwear, and in advance of the street date Lambgoat has championed the band by streaming the entire record. Closing a five year gap since their last release, End delivers five, groove-heavy CDC tales with a slick, streetwise, tension-fueled delivery, recorded with Vince Ratti at Skylight Studio (Balance And Composure, Title Fight, Turmoil) and mastered by Will Yip at Studio 4 (Cop Problem, Lauren Hill, Blacklisted).

CDC is known for doing everything DIY to the core, having toured to almost every corner of the planet over the past decade, playing in the vicinity of forty countries to date, including Madagascar, South Africa, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, and most of southeast Asia, without a booking agent or manager. Their streetwise, outspoken style is forged on heavy grooves and a unique layering of vocal parts, taking influence from legends Warzone, Merauder, Inside Out and Bulldoze into a rabid, modern, urban edge to entice fans of E.Town Concrete, Alpha & Omega and Incendiary.

Track Listing: 
01. End
02. Degeneration
03. Dying Legend
04. Eyes and Teeth
05. Temple 0