Undergang "The Mother Of Armageddon" - Deathwish Inc

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Undergang "The Mother Of Armageddon"

It was about time that these unruly Uppsala punks got their shit together. UNDERG?NG finally wake from the dead and make an LP. From the insane drum beats and bass work, the ultra-tight rhythm section, the blazing guitar battles and to the barb-wire death match that is the dual vocals. Picking on your eardrums like absinthe sucked through a straw and spat in your eye. In 500 fucking kilometers an hour. The violence, the chaos, the ZZ TOP cover. You wake up in the gutter with limbs missing and an untamable urge to do it again. And again. Undergang's debut LP "The Mother Of Armageddon" is the one you can't get away from.

Track Listing:
01. Pedophilliac Priest
02. De-Evolution
03. Gluttony
04. Critic Eyes
05. Supposed To Rock
06. Feeding On Human Misery
07. The Graveyard
08. Disconnect
09. B.T.K.
10. Jaws
11. (I Am) Nihilist
12. Anti Hippie Hardcore
13. John Wayne Was A Gacy
14. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
15. Tear It Up
16. Shackles Of Boredom
17. U.A.H.C.
18. Order Of The Armageddon
19. Keep Jesus Out Of Hardcore
20. Subject Yourself (To Negativity)
21. Skate/Die
22. D.J.M.T.A.
23. Heard It On The X (ZZ Top Cover)