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Greet Death "New Low"


Greet Death is a four piece shoegaze band from Flint, Michigan.

"New Low" is a new 5 song 12"EP from Greet Death. The first four singles from this session were released digitally over a span of months in 2021 into 2022, leaving the title track exclusive to this final collection. With "New Low" Greet Death continue to explore the layered melancholic atmosphere they are known for while expanding into unconventional melodic territory.

Produced by Greet Death
Engineered and mixed by J. Kalmink at The Stooge in Zeeland, MI
Mastered by Will Yip
Music and Lyrics by Logan Gaval and Sam Boyhtari
Vocals by Gaval and Boyhtari
Drums and Percussion by Jim Versluis
Guitars and Bass by Gaval and Boyhtari
Piano by Boyhtari
Photos by David Beuthin
Scythe Logo by Liam Rush
Original Band Logo by Brendan Coughlin
Design by Jacob Bannon

First Press:
300 x Red / Purple Mix (DW Exclusive)
300 x Red in Transparent Purple (Greet Death Exclusive)
500 x Purple / Black Mix (Indie Exclusive)
1000 x Red / Black Galaxy
1000 x  Purple / Black Galaxy

Track Listing:
01. New Low
02. Panic Song
03. Punishment Existence
04. Your Love Is Alcohol
05. I Hate Everything