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Church Road


Graywave "Dancing in the Dust"


Since their inception in 2019, Graywave have released some of the most hypnotic and alluring music that falls somewhere in the realm of shoegaze and grunge. They channel all the dreamyness of shoegaze legends such as Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, but with a far darker edge à la Chelease Wolfe and King Woman.

The band started life as a solo vessel for band leader Jess Webberley, to make more ethereal and progressive sounding music. Since then the band has been joined by Zak Jenkins (drums), Oliver Beardmore (guitar), Joe Galkowski (Bass) to make the project into a fully fledged band. Together they have struck out and amassed an impressive CV of live shows, having toured with big names in the shoegaze/post rock scene such as Slow Crush and Bossk. They have also graced the stages at many prestigious festivals such as ArcTanGent, Radar Festival, Desert Fest and Camp Bestival to name a few.

The band built their foundations with a string of singles from 2019-2020 before releasing their first proper statement in the form of their debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’, released in 2021. The buzz of this fantastic release spawned Church Road’s relationship with the band, which led to the release of their second EP ‘Rebirth’ in 2022. ‘Rebirth’ saw the band lean into their darker aesthetics further, and push the boundaries of where their music can go. In 2023 Graywave released two new singles, ‘Blur Into One’ and ‘Cycle’, both of which are included on ‘Dancing In The Dust’. Without a doubt these are the bands two strongest tracks that they have released so far. This has given people an insight to the genius songwriting and originality to be expected from ‘Dancing In The Dust’.

Track Listing:
01. Falling Apart
02. Blur Into One
03. Dark Spell
04. Undone
05. Cycle
06. Dancing in the Dust