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Sectarian Violence "Upward Hostility"


SECTARIAN VIOLENCE introduced themselves to the masses in 2012 with their impressive self-titled debut 7" EP. "Upward Hostility," the first full-length from this intercontinental straightedge hardcore band picks up right where that first EP left off, delivering some of the burliest meat and potatoes hardcore you've heard in recent years. SECTARIAN VIOLENCE smash through ten raging tracks deeply rooted in early 80's USHC while also drawing additional influence and inspiration from hardcore of recent years. You can expect relevant socio-political commentary delivered over fast, driving hardcore with crushing pulses, keeping things unique, relevant, and fresh for 2013.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Upward Hostility
02. Conflict Of Interest
03. Start Again
04. Creature Of Habit
05. No End To The Violence
06. No Use
07. Reactionary
08. Conspiracy Theories
09. Disposable
10. Open Wound