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Grave Mistake


Government Warning "Paranoid Mess"


Richmond, VA's one and only GOVERNMENT WARNING are at it again. Following 2006's "No Moderation" LP and 2007's ñArrestedî EP comes their highly anticipated second full length; PARANOID MESS delivers fifteen more unrelenting tracks full of snotty hardcore attitude that musically lies somewhere between ZERO BOYS, VERBAL ABUSE, FUÍs or ADOLESCENTS. The diverse songwriting that you have come to expect from GW is still very much present on this new LP, from the high speed hardcore blasts to the more mid tempo, hook laden fist pumpers, and everything in between. Great sounding record that brings to mind the golden era of US hardcore - absolutely timeless and essential.

Track Listing: 
01. Rot And Decay 
02. Nowhere To Go 
03. Urban Warfield 
04. Endless Slaughter 
05. Stop Again 
06. Revolving Door 
07. Blurred Yellow Line 
08. Disengage 
09. Hour After Hour 
10. Glued 
11. Factory Line 
12. Shot Fulla Holes 
13. (Global Warning) 
14. Paranoid Mess 
15. Enough Is Enough