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Grave Mistake


Unseen Force "In Search Of The Truth"

We've unearthed one hell of a hardcore gem with this one. Finally available once again after 22 long years is the official reissue of UNSEEN FORCE'S devastating LP from 1986 "IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH." Hailing from none other than Richmond, VA, comprised of members of WHITE CROSS, HONOR ROLE, and 2000 MANIACS (and eventually FOUR WALLS FALLING and GWAR) ... UNSEEN FORCE made a name for themselves in their brief two year existence, playing countless shows both locally and nationwide, and releasing their 11 song monster of an LP.

This reissue (co-released with VICIOUS CIRCLE RECORDS) contains 35 songs total ... their long out of print IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH full length (originally a one time, self released press of 500 copies) in it's entirety, a live soundboard set from their 1986 tour which features several unreleased tracks, and all of the tracks from the 2000 Maniacs (pre-UF band) 1984 demo. The LP songs were taken directly from the master reels, and all of the material was then remasterd by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (who has mastered records for 86 MENTALITY, DIRECT CONTROL, GOVERNMENT WARNING, WASTED TIME, and tons more). Coupled with the original lyric sheet insert and a ton of rare flyers and pictures from the band members' personal collections, this release has been given the proper re-issue treatment it deserved. You won't find any post-hardcore mid 80's progressive art rock garbage here; we assure you that this cd contains nothing but, fast, chaotic unadulterated 80's hardcore punk rock.

Track Listing: 
1. Fear
2. True Story 
3. Don't Know 
4. Misguided Aggression 
5. Sermon 
6. We The People 
7. Scream And Scream Again 
8. Blowtorch 
9. Reason To Live 
10. Push Back 
11. Jesus Slaves