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Nathan Gray "NTHN GRY"


Sinister urges, carnal desires, and the darker impulses deemed evil by superstitious, rigidly inflexible ideologies will, in reality, offer transcendent ecstasy. When primitive, animalistic hunger is channeled through ritual, rudimentary tools and unrestrained expression, the pulse shared between living things and objects emerges victoriously. Nathan Gray explores these simplistic, basic, fundamental needs through music, summoning the basic motivations inherent in humankind's search for meaning and processing them through the tools created by the necessity of creative expression. The invocations contained on the 4-song Nthn Gry EP and its forthcoming extension, which doubles both content and vision, offer an arcane mix of the organic and the mechanical.

Track Listing:
01. Wolves
02. Tomorrow
03. Baptismal Rites
04. Corson (An Ode To Vital Existence)
05. Wolves (Swallowing Filth) - (Daniel E. Smith Remix)
06. Tomorrow (Ritual Chamber Session)
07. Baptismal Rites (Ritual Chamber Session)
08. Wayward Ghosts