God Is War "Predation Perfected" - Deathwish Inc

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God Is War "Predation Perfected"


6 songs of varying dark electronic music inspired by Industrial and Noise.

Track Listing:
01. I Admire you...like You I Used to Think the World Was This Great Place Where Everybody Lived by the Same Standard That I did...and Then Some Kid With a Gun Showed Me I Was Living in His World
02. Predation Perfected (I Don't to Respect Any Og in Industrial or Power Electronics Cuz I Am One Mother Fucker)
03. On Lsd at the Legion of Doom (The Grimiest and Gulliest of Goons)
04. A Man's Game Requires a Man's Cost
05. I Don't Give a Fuck Who Played It First, I Been Doing Better, Same Wit All My Shooters
06. El Cucoy and Abou Knees Grinning in the Darkness