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Sunday Drive


Glazed Eyes "Promo"

  • As the end of summer approaches, a shift in music hits our stereos and headphones. Glazed Eyes creates music along the lines of a summer road trip with the windows down and a cold fall night. Inspired by their love of 90s alternative music, the Pensacola, Florida band aims to write music that is sonically much different than their members' previous projects, Malice at the Palace, and Burning Strong, amongst others. In their first promo release on Sunday Drive Records, these three tracks offer an exciting mix of alternative music and hints of emo and power-popβ€”melding the Teenage Fanclub-like pop melody with the distortion heard from Jimmy Eat World guitars. Glazed Eyes is the perfect band for this season, with an LP to follow soon.

    Track Listing:
    01. Way Down
    02. Tried
    03. Fault