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Glacier "No Light Ever"


Glacier is a five-piece instrumental post-metal band based in Boston, MA whose music fully embodies their name: a crushingly loud and unrelenting force. 

Glacier returned in 2019 with their strongest effort to date. Simply titled ""No Light Ever"", the album is a collection of songs that is the culmination of years of hard work that is every bit as bleak as the name implies. The album will saw a vinyl release through Wolves and Vibrancy Records and CD pressing through Post.Recordings.

""...['O World! I Remain No Longer Here.'] is a fitting introduction to the thunderous introspection embodied by Glacier’s new LP, No Light Ever."" - Decibel

""deep and brooding...A symphony of shattering highs and rumbling lows"" - CVLT Nation

""Like ice scraping powerfully against the earth’s crust, Glacier drag you along at a methodical and purposeful pace, slowly crushing you into a pulp while laying waste to what once stood before you."" - Heavy Blog Is Heavy

""No Light Ever is a hallucination-inducing trip deep into your inner self. It is a captivating, unrelenting album that preys on your comfort and lunges in when you least expect it, a chilling and massive creation..."" - Everything Is Noise

Track Listing: 
01. O World! I Remain No Longer Here.
02. The Bugles Blow, Fanned By Hysteria.
03. We Glut Our Souls On The Accursed,
04. And We Are Damned Amid Noble Sound.