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Mercy Ties "A Dim Lit Place"

Hailing from the avant-garde mecca of Seattle, WA, Mercy Ties is an abrasive three-piece that tips their hat to their city's highly regarded predecessors. With riffs that pay homage to bands like Botch, and screeching vocals that remind us of Curl Up and Die, "A Dim Lit Place" is 7 tracks of technically complex yet carefully crafted artistic exploration. The effort was engineered and mixed by Paurl Walsh at The Red Room in Seattle, WA, and was mastered by Carl Saff (Young Widows, Pygmy Lush, Coliseum). This is the bands 3rd effort, previously releasing a split LP with the band Grenades, and a demo titled "Under The Gold-Rimmed Sky". Arguably their most cohesive and promising record to date, the band will release "A Dim Lit Place" on November 26th through Glory Kid Ltd.

"The Gambit" is an eclectic mix of everything this record has to offer. Everything from the gritty vocals to the dissonant riffs, this song is nothing shy of a dim light on a record full of shiners.

Track Listing:Β 
1. Unparalleled Slingers of Shit (U. S. O. S)
2. The Gambit
3. Fallen Stars
4. Alone by Proxy
5. Hungry and Buying Dreams
6. Don't Burn Them Bridges
7. We Moved Along, By Crawling