Convulsions / Black Kites "Split" - Deathwish Inc

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Convulsions / Black Kites "Split"


Slowly churning from an idea among like-minded music mongers to a realistic formality, this kinship between two unique outfits has finally come to fruition. Both trekking from the same school of thought, this split demonstrates how the words "chaotic" and "rhythm" can be used in the same sentence to describe such signature styles. Black Kites moves forward with their aggressive yet emotionally unhinged sound that has taken them years to cultivate. Taking no issues lightly, lyrically BK has proven to be just as harsh and cunning with words as their instrumental infrastructure. As for Convulsions, they have taken on a new forms by flexing their "Prog-Rock" muscles while retaining and perfecting their ongoing, derailing composition. This is truly a match-maid in well, heaven? Comes in a heavy full color jacket, original artwork by Harry Gould Harvey IV. Limited first press of 500 pieces. Includes a digital download.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Black Kites - Sleep Easy, Tall Tales
02. Black Kites - Used
03. Black Kites - Alive On Arrival
04. Black Kites - Own This Monster
05. Black Kites - Fake Punches
06. Convulsions - Gasoline (Karate Cover)
07. Convulsions - Decompression Sickness
08. Convulsions - Scrimshaw
09. Convulsions - Marie Laveau
10. Convulsions - Nero and Dorophoros
11. Convulsions - Inhabitants Of 13th Mall St.