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Flowers for Burial "Animus"


Flowers for Burial is an abrasive hardcore unit from upstate New York formed in 2022. Drawing influence from power-violence and grindcore, they construct fast and heavy hardcore as a backdrop to lyrics reflecting inner torment. Nicole's vocals will shred your eardrums while conveying deeply personal lyrics of suffering, trauma, and isolation. Their relentlessly punishing debut release, Animus, is 8 blistering tracks of exactly the sonic bloodletting you might expect in these troubling times. Recorded at Nada Studios, engineered by Sean-Paul Pillsworth, mixed by Taylor Young at the Pit Studio, and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air.

Track Listing:
01. Glass Ceiling
02. Defective
03. Incinerate
04. Youth
05. Animus
06. Rot
07. Sheep
08. Trapped