Lifeless "Dream" - Deathwish Inc

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Lifeless "Dream"


The long awaited follow up to the 2011 break out full length NLFTW - NJ's LIFELESS returns from what seems like some hellish, haunted purgatory - inhabited by the demons and ghosts that hide in the often over looked shadows of our daily lives. Pulling back that curtain the band reveals their starkest and most absolute vision to date. Grinding out a master piece of pain with cold fists and dead eyes, it's evident that LIFELESS has spent the past few years cutting their teeth to razor sharp prowess with those ghosts in the shadows, and as a result have created one of the tightest, darkest, and most interesting Hardcore albums in recent memory.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Never
02. The Truth Of Life And Death
03. Dream
04. Ladders
05. Stubborn And Stupid
06. Sinking
07. Empty
08. Surrender
09. How Hatred Starts
10. Scars And Holes
11. Broken Home
12. Reflections II