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Fake Eyes "A Drip Is All We Know"

Fake Eyes stemmed from a continuation of sound between two friends, Paul and Grant. With  Fake Eyes they decided to take inspiration from contemporary favorites in order to dig down to the roots and create something of their own. Soon after that starting point, the two wrote and recorded their interstellar "Demo 2018". The demo featured two tracks whose sound fell somewhere between post-hardcore and shoegaze. The band and demo made their way within the hardcore scene drumming up a little buzz along the way. It was the release of their "Promo 2019" - which featured the track 'Illuminate' and the addition of permanent drummer Seth, that really expanded their circle though, especially because of the track's comparison to the sounds of HUM. The band continued to make rumblings amongst fans for being somewhat elusive in nature and only producing three songs in the span of nearly three years.

Yet during this space of time, 
Fake Eyes allowed themselves to strengthen and grow. The result of this musical maturation is their latest offering; a lush 4 track EP titled "A Drip Is All We Know". The tracks on this EP showcase the time and effort the band put forth in the studio. Songs that had originally taken shape during the time of the demo are now infused with nuanced guitar layers, off cue drumming, and choral vocal melody that was only perfected with time. The EP's first track, 'Subsystem Recognition' is a dreamy start to the entire warm sounding 22 minute opus. The EP closes with the other-worldly 'Demonstrations'. "A Drip Is All We Know" is a record that you'll play over and over again- finding something new and captivating each time you listen.

Track Listing:
01. Subsystem Recognition
02. It Will Appear As Such
03. Illuminate
04. Demonstrations