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Exit Strategy "To Die 1000 Deaths"

Hailing from Tampa, FL, Exit Strategy has exploded onto the Metal hardcore circuit in 2018, playing shows with Comeback Kid, Madball, and wristmeetrazor. With a unique blend of their native gulf-area death metal, as well as the visceral energy of the hardcore community, these ex-members of Strengthen What Remains have entered the game with their debut EP, "To Die 1,000 Deaths". The band's first offering is available on cassette tape in 3 colors from Safe Inside Records, with song themes ranging from political corruption and spiritual manipulation. This release represents a starting point for the band that is intended to give them a place at the table in today's hardcore scene.

So far, Exit Strategy have already made a name for themselves in Florida and have ventured into the east coast and midwest, playing 2018's Snow and Flurry. The band will continue to expand their sphere of influence by traveling to more cities in a westward direction, including Texas' Hope For Shelter fest in mid 2019. Expect to see Exit Strategy's standout brand of metallic hardcore taking over the US at a stage near you.

Track Listing:Β 
01. To Die 1000 Deaths
02. Pestilence
03. Bathed In Sin