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Reaching Out "Reaching Out Demo 2020"


Formed during the quarantine of 2020, Reaching Out is a New Jersey-based band featuring second-generation hardcore kids, who are literally rekindling the spirit of youth in hardcore. By combining the sound of original 1980s bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, and Turning Point and infusing it with inspiration from bands from the modern era, the sound heard in their demo took shape. The demo will be released on three colors of cassette by Safe Inside Records in early 2021. Following this, the band continues to press on by writing new material for their next release and will be an explosive force on the east coast hardcore scene once a return to safety and normalcy resume and shows can continue once more.

Track Listing: 
01. Prototype
02. Doomed World
03. Backfire (Side by Side Cover)
04. Over It!

First Press:
85 x Purple Cassette
40 x Light Blue Cassette
25 x Red Cassette