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Excruciating Terror "Expression Of Pain"


Right after 5 years since first time on vinyl there is a repress of grindcore cult „Expression of Pain“ by Excruciating Terror. Excruciating Terror are a grindcore / powerviolence band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1990, Excruciating Terror was very influential on the West Coast grindcore and power violence scenes during the early and mid 1990's. Repress comes with live bonus songs.

Track Listing:
1. Self Destruct 
2. Look At The World 
3. Expression Of Pain 
4. Keep On Screaming 
5. Suspense 
6. Extortion 
7. Cutdown On Life 
8. Mental Prison 
9. Life Ends 
10. Think Again 
11. Last Act Of Man 
12. Nothing To Lose..... 
13. Stupid War 
14. Crippled 
15. Under The Burning Sky 
16. 3rd Aftermath 
17. A Technicality 
18. Expression Of Pain 
19. Careless Attitude 
20. Keep On Screaming 
21. Conquest For Eternity