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Dead Tank


The Siege Fire "Dead Refuge"


11 tracks of dark & furiously melodic crust from this Portland band. Definitely for fans of From Ashes Rise, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, et cetera. Beautiful art/layout by singer Mike Roberts. Featuring members of Sloths + Vastation (Night Nurse)!

""...nails the crust/hardcore hybrid such as His Hero is Gone and Tragedy - and stands toe-to-toe with the best recordings of these bands. A ridiculously impressive debut"" -ToxicBreed Funhouse

Track Listing:Β 
" 01. A Blight of Flames
02. Dead Refuge
03. Gather in Darkness
04. Interlude
05. Bastards All
06. Sons of Ancient Scripts
07. Flay The First
08. Reign of Arrows
09. Mantra
10 The Bite of Beaten Dogs
11. The Fire Sermon