Drain "California Cursed" - Deathwish Inc

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Drain "California Cursed"


The city of Santa Cruz, CA, is known for its boardwalk, hippie
university, and The Lost Boys movie, drawing tourists and students from
all over the globe, driving up the cost of living and pushing out
long-lived independent businesses. As the new blood of Santa Cruz
hardcore punk, Drain has a fiery, metal-tinged, thrashing hardcore
sound. For fans of Power Trip, Take Offense, Turnstile, Cro-Mags, Judge,
and Terror. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:
01. Feel The Pressure
02. Hyper Vigilance
03. Sick One
04. Army Of Oneย 
05. Character Fraudย 
06. Hollister Daydreamer
07. White Coat Syndrome
08. The Process Of Weeding Out
09. Bad Faith
10. California Cursed