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Funeral Party


DRAA "Even In My Dreams"


The Tempe band's 7"" single ""Even in My Dreams (All My Life)"", released on Funeral Party Records, has those sad, catchy hooks and jangly guitars that make driving around alone late at night seem that bit more dramatic. Youthful but uncertain and confused, the song takes a more shoegaze approach to the subject of a quarter life crisis, as MacAndrew Martin's voice warbles under spacey effects.

“Only Love,” the B-side to Draa’s new Funeral Party single is clean. With the clarity and depth of production of a DIIV or a Real Estate, the Arizona quartet’s new material is also awash with the moving and mercurial jangle of britpop, and with his croon and style, frontman Mac Martin wears his regard for Morrissey and The Smiths on his sleeve.

Track Listing:
01. Even In My Dreams (All My Life)
02. Only Love