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Doomriders / Disfear "Split"

To celebrate their long standing friendship, Disfear and Doomriders paired up to release a limited split 7"EP, a joint effort between Disfear's own self ran label, Disfear Records (European territories) and Deathwish (All other territories).

With Doomriders, we get a glimpse into their progression since "Black Thunder" in the soon to be classic, "Crooked Path". Easily one of their best songs, "Crooked Path" pounds forth with grit, melody, and emotion unlike anything else out there today.

On the other side, Disfear unleash the hook laden "Fear And Trembling". This is their first effort since their classic "Live The Storm" album. "Fear And Trembling" is a stellar song that expands the boundaries of the D-Beat world that Disfear dominate to this day.

Track Listing:
01. Doomriders - Crooked Path
02. Disfear - Fear and Trembling

First Press:
300 - Beer/Vanilla Ice Cream haze
700 - Beer/Vanilla Ice Cream mix
1000 - Vanilla Ice Cream / Black split

Second Press:
1000 - Beer

Third Press:
1000 - Black