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Doomriders "Black Thunder"

Doomriders "Black Thunder", was recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios. Recorded primarily in a live setting, "Black Thunder" is a collection of 13 songs filled with spontaneity and vigor. From the infectious hook of the title track, to the soul wrenching track "Voice of Fire", "Black Thunder" is as eclectic of an album as they come. Paying homage to their collective musical heroes, while boldly serving as a monster of an introduction to the independent music community.

Track Listing:
01. Black Thunder
02. The Long Walk
03. Ride Or Die
04. Deathbox
05. Listen Up!
06. Midnight Eye
07. Fuck This Shit
08. Worthless
09. The Chase
10. Voice Of Fire
11. Drag Them Down
12. The Whipcrack
13. Sirens