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Doodseskader "Year One"


The death squad marches on: Two years after entering the battlefield with their debut “MMXX: Year Zero”, Belgium’s Doodseskader are gearing up for their next fight with the release of their new album “Year One”.

What are they confronting? Their surroundings. Their own devils. Sometimes life itself. But while “Year Zero” showed singer/bassist Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You,…) and singer/drummer Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, The K., …) struggling amid the turmoil, “Year One” is a victorious testament of tackling life’s obstacles head first. “As ‘Year Zero’ mainly talked about our past and has a rather sad tone to it, ‘Year One’ is the voice of the people we are at this very moment”, the duo comments. “We’ve stood up, found solutions and tried to head toward a new way of living. It’s about growing up, fighting your demons and giving them a place to rest. Now that all of that is said, we can move on.”

Though still a relatively young band, “Year One” opens a new artistic chapter for Doodseskader – surely just one of many to come. As the 2022 standalone singles “GABOS / Nonstop” and “Still Haven’t Killed Myself” have already proven, these guys are not ones for standing still. They are a hip-hop act in one moment and a grunge band in the following, just to transform into a full-blown sludge or hardcore steamroller next. Sometimes they are all and sometimes none of the above – there’s no way to pin them down. “Being able to draw from different musical genres makes us who we are”, the duo states. “There's no specific genre we’re looking at. Great songs are great songs. It’s craftsmanship.”

Further expanding their unique sonic palette, Doodseskader did not only look back to the great bands of the past for inspiration but also made a conscious effort to discover fresh artists from all corners of the musical realm, sharing an open mindset with genre-defying and -defining trailblazers like Show Me The Body, Ghostemane and Ho99o9. While they kept their trademark reverb-drenched bass sound, they incorporated more production details, many of them found in techno – adding even more depth and dynamic to their crushing mix.

Written in late 2020 and once again recorded by Tim De Gieter in Much Luv Studio (Amenra, Brutus, Absent In Body), “Year One” is as much a declaration of war as it is a declaration of independence: Doodseskader are here to cut their own path – and you better not stand in their way.

Track Listing:
01. 1745
02. Bloemen Noch Kransen
03. It’s Not An Addiction If You Don’t Feel Like Quitting
04. Less Of Everything
05. Alive & Not Well
06. I Hop You Find Joy In Your Ignorance
07. Blood Feu