øJNE "Undici/Dodici" - Deathwish Inc

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Don't Live Like Me


øJNE "Undici/Dodici"

Five gorgeous songs in the vein of La Quiete, Coma Regalia, Daitro, City Of Caterpillar and Beau Navire. Die hard fans of 90's emotive hardcore will rejoice upon hearing this release. øjne's fiery passion and unstoppable effort conjure up a blinding screamo gem that will be remembered for years to come. Buy it. Hell, buy two.

Released by Pike Records, Don't Live Like Me Records, Unlock Yourself Records, Dog Knights Productions, La Agonia De Vivir, Monday Morning Records, Stereo Dasein, Fading Halo Records, Shove Records, Driftwood Records, PikPik Records, Upwind Productions, Blessedhands Records

Track Listing:
01. Glasgow
02. Milano/Ogni Primavera
03. Voragini
04. Naufragio
05. Ancora