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Disma "Towards The Megalith"


Comprised of personnel from several legendary cult acts, Disma are the new gods of U.S. death metal—fronted by none other than Craig Pillard (ex-Incantation), one of the most influential death metal vocalists of all time who has returned to sing for a full-time band for the first time in over a decade. Rounding out the lineup are Daryl Kahan (Funebrarum, Citizens Arrest, Assück, Born Against), Bill Venner (also an early Incantation member), Shawn Eldridge (Funebrarum) and Randi Stokes (Methadrone).

On the strength of a single demo recording, Disma has created a buzz as one of the heaviest and most powerful acts in the death metal underground. Towards the Megalith, their highly anticipated debut album, is what one would expect from members of such pedigree—a work of challenging, brutal and sophisticated nature. While the band incorporates the familiar aesthetics and vibes of old-school death metal, the sound is wholly their own. An album destined to be regarded as a pillar of the death metal scene in the years to come, Towards the Megalith is one of the most crushing and memorable releases to surface in 2011.

Track Listing: 
01. Chaos Apparition
02. Chasm Of Oceanus 
03. Spectral Domination 
04. Vault Of Membros 
05. Purulent Quest 
06. Lost In The Burial Fog 
07. Of A Past Forlorn 
08. Towards The Megalith